This week has been fun out here in the Ohio Cleveland mission! Elder Burt and I have had a lot of things happen this week and were able to get them all done.
We started off for a week by going to the temple which was a terrific experience. I was able to feel the spirit there while we were there. Then on Thursday we did service at the Sharing kitchen and then did our weekly planning and had a lot of fun there. Friday we had interviews with President Brown over in Findlay. That was a lot of fun learned a lot we also had specialized training as a zone and learned more about teaching people not lessons.
On Saturday it was my birthday! Elder Burt and I went to the Asian grill buffet for lunch; then we helped someone drywall their house in the afternoon. We finished the day off by having tacos for my birthday dinner out at a members house which was so awesome! I love tacos!
On Sunday we spoke in church, so I talked about Christ in the Book of Mormon, and Elder Burt spoke about keeping on the Covenant path. For 3rd-hour Elder and Sister Wall taught about what is in the Book of Mormon, I had a fun object lesson, and then after church, we had a “Linger Longer” at the church.
On Monday we had our new district meeting at one o’clock it was okay I guess. I like having it early in the morning, but it’s whatever.
On Tuesday Elder Burt and I had our Institute class in Fostoria which went well. Then we went and taught a lesson to some people who are trying to become active in the church again it went excellent. We finished off our week by getting our weekly frozen yogurt on Tuesday night.
This week has been an excellent week I’m so glad I’m here in the Tiffin branch. I love the weather here now it’s been in the 80s for the past few days I like it, but I know it’s going to end soon. Thank you for all the support and prayers you guys give it to me I love you all.
This Gospel is True!!!
Elder Welch